The RGV Technology Association has four initiatives based on the goals developed by the association membership. Each of the initiatives has also been through a process to identify three focus areas. Each of the initiatives has been assigned a chair that will coordinate a sub-committee to identify specific items that can be accomplished in the next 6 to 12 months to support each initiative.

Each sub-committee chair will work with their teams and report out on the progress to date at each RGVTA meeting. If you are interested in participating in one of more of the sub-committees, please fill out the Sub-Committee Sign-Up form below.

Lead: Judy Escamilla
– Social Media Presence
– Success Stories
– Community Outreach

Strengthen RGV IT Community/Infrastructure
Lead: Jeff Graham
– Build a stronger community
– Invite other organizations
– Mentor

Connect Employers/Job Seekers
Lead: Adrian Garcia
– Liability Concerns for Interns
– Portal or Job Boards for Interns
– Single Rubric or Template for Intern Programs

Education/Professional Development /Conduit to Educational Institutions for Industry Demand
Lead: Renan Ramirez / Alicia Gomez
– Identify the Skills Set Needed
– Create Database of Needs
– Create a Social Event to Establish a Foundation
– DATA (RGV) Jobs
– Bigger Internships (Similar Descriptions)
– More Collaboration Between Education<- ->Industry


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